Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation

Aquatic Floats

Aquatic Training Devices

Balance Pads

Bath Cubes, Therapy


Boots, Mitts, and Liners for Therapeutic Pain Relief

Cognitive Measuring Devices and Equipment

Dining Aids



Exercise Bars

Exercise Tables

Extracorporeal Incontinence Therapy Chairs

Fine Motor Assessment Equipment


Hand Bars

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

High End Power Wheelchair

Hydraulic Dynamometer

Hydrotherapy Equipment

Manipulation Boards

Massaging Equipment

Mat Platforms

Medical Whirlpools

Mobility Equipment

Mobility Ladders

Mobility Platforms

Mobility Scooter

Mobility Stairs

Muscle Stimulators

Occupational Therapy Equipment

Parallel Bars


Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy Equipment

Physiotherapy Products

Physiotherapy Tables

Powered Wheelchairs

Protective Headgear

Rehabilitation Devices

Rehabilitation Exercise Equipment

Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Products

Rehabilitation Supports

Rehabilitation Weights



Tactile Sensation, Sensitization, and Desensitization Equipment

Tens Units

Therapeutic Putty

Ultra Light Wheelchairs

Ultrasound Stimulators

Wheelchair Cushions – Air

Wheelchair Cushions - Gel

Wheelchair Parts

Wheelchair Scales