Medical Furniture and Fixtures

Medical Furniture and Fixtures


Attendant Bed

Bariatric Bed

Birthing Bed

Child Bed

Delivery Bed

Electric Bed

Fowler Bed

Gynecology Exam Bed

Home Care Bed


ICU Patient Recovery Geriatric Bed

Infant Bed

Low Bed

Manual Bed

Massage Bed

Nursing Bed

Orthopaedic Bed

Paediatric Bed

Ward Bed

Bed Accessories

Active Mattresses

Baby Cot

Baby Crib

Bariatric Mattresses

Bed Sheet Rolls

Bed Sheets for Hospitals in Various Colors


Bedside Accessories

Blankets for Hospitals

Equipment Mounting Solutions

Infant Cot & Child Cot


Mattresses Accessories

Paediatric Mattresses

Patient Stretcher

Pillow Protectors & Mattress Protectors

Static Mattresses

Stretcher on Trolley

Supporting Surfaces


Anesthesia Cart

Box Sacks Linen Cart

Clean Linen Cart

Crash / Emergency Medical Cart

Critical Care Cart

Emergency Cart

File Cart

Instrument / Double Medical Cart

Medication Cart

Mobile Video Cart

Paper Dispensing Cart

Patient Transport Cart

Transportation Cart


Accompanying Chair

Blood Donor Chair

Dental Chair

Evacuation Chair

Gynaecological Electric Visit Armchair

Hemodialysis & Blood Collection Chair

Massage Chair

Multifunction Arm Chair

Multioperating Armchair

OT Revolving Chair

Podiatry Chair


Bariatric Electric Visit Couch

Blood Donor Couch

Dermatology Couch

Examination Couch with Drawers and Cabinets

Examination Couch with Roll Holder

Gynecology Examination Couch

Head and Foot Board

Heavy Duty Examination Couch

Massage Couch

Cupboards, Lockers, Cabinets

Appliance Cupboard

Base Cabinet

Bedside Cabinet

Bedside Locker

Bench Top Fume Cupboard

Cabinet with Drawers

Compact Disk Storage Cabinet

Dangerous Drug Cabinet

Endoscopic Cabinet

ENT Cabinets and Furniture

Fume Cupboard

Glass Display Cabinet with LED Lights

Hydroflouric Acid Fume Cupboard

Instrument Cabinet

Laminar Flow Cabinet

Low Level Fume Cupboard

Medicine Cabinet

Microbiology Safety Cabinet

Narcotic Cabinet

Perchloric Acid Fume Cupboard

Radio Isotope Fume Cupboard

Sink Cabinet

Upright Cabinet

Upright Cabinet for X-Ray Film Storage Pigeon Holes

Walk-in Fume Cupboard

Wall Cabinet

Dental Furniture

Dental Units

Mobile Dental Units

Doors & Partitions

Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated Partitions

Wall Protection Panels

Dust Bins Products

Lead Apron Hanger on Wheels

Lead Apron Hanger Wall Mounted

Pedal Bins with Lid

Powder Coated Dust Bins

Stainless Steel Dust Bins

Laboratory Furniture

Accessories and Fittings

Blower & Filter

Canopy Hood

Chemical Storage

Extract Systems

Fume Containment

Lab Benches

Lab Safety Systems

Safety Fittings

Service Fittings

Sinks & Dripcups

Storage Systems

Work Benches



Built-in Curing Light

Examination Light

Halogen Examination Light

Infrared Light

LED Examination Light Wall Mounted

Led Theater Light

Magnifier Light

Minor and Major Surgical Theater Light

Mobile Operating Light

Operation Lamp

Operation Theater Light


Document Carrier

Floor Mats: Safety, Anti-fatigue or Special-Purpose Medical Floor Mats

Mobile Rack

Overbed Table Touchless Dispensers

Scrub Sink

Sterilization Reel Holder

Surgical Trays & Accessories

Swab Rack

Tissue Dispenser

Moving and Handling

Patient Turners

Slide Sheets-Round

Slide Sheets-Straight

Transfer Boards

Sink Tables Products

Base Cabinet with Sink

Base Cabinet with Sliding Doors

Double Bowl Sink Table

Drain Trough with Removable Grating

Hand Wash Sink

Single Station Scrub Sink

Sink Table with Back Splash

Slop Hopper

Wash Basin Stand

Work Table Single Bowl

Work Table with Double Bowl


Bar Trap Stand/Trapez

Drip Stand

Equipment Stand

IV Stand and Accessories

Monitor Stand

Saline Stand

Syringe Pump Stand


Foot Stool

Foot Stool Steps

Lab Stool

Operator Stool

Revolving Patient Stool

Revolving Stool

Step Rise

Surgeons Stool

Storage Shelving Products

5 Tier Wire Shelf Trolley

Compact Cabinet Storage System

Free Standing Shelve

Heavy Duty Rack Shelving

Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Unit

Height Adjustable Wire Shelf On Wheels with Trays

Lin Bin Holder

Linen Skip with Lid

Pharmacy Shelving

Pot Rack

Slotted Angle Shelving Unit

Stainless Steel Pallet Rack

Wall Shelf


Anti Vibration Table

Autopsy Table

Balance Table

Bedside Table

BPM & Leg Dressing Stand Adjustable Height

C-ARM O.T. Table

Center Type Table with Under Shelf and Drawers

Electromatic O.T. Table

Gear Matic Hydraulic O.T. Table

Gynae Examination cum Delivery Table

Gynae Examination Table

Inspection Table with Lights

Instrument / Operating Table with Wheels

Mat Table

Mayo’s Instrument Table

Movable Table

Operation Table

Over Bed Table (Cardiac Table)

Packing Table with Under Shelf & over Pouch Reel Holder

Pediatric Examination Table

Sink Table

Split Top Overbed Table

Treatment Table

Work Table

Work Table Wall Mounted

Wrap & Pack Table


Anaesthesia Trolley

Anesthesia Trolley With Drawers

Baby Bassinet Trolley

Bed Side Trolley

Biomedical Waste Bin Trolley

Cage Trolley

CSSD Sterile Transport Trolley

Curved Trolley

Cylinder Transport Trolley

Dirty Linen Trolley

Double Wash Basin Trolley

E.C.G. Trolley

Emergency Crash Trolley

Endoscope Washing Trolley

File Transport Trolley

Fresh and Soiled Linen Trolley

Hydraulic Stretcher Trolley

Instrument Trolley

Jumbo Cylinder Trolley

Linen Trolley

Loading Trolley

Mayo Instrument Trolley

Medical Trolley

Mobile Suction Trolley

Multi Purpose Trolley

Multifunction Medical Trolley

Neonate Bassinet Trolley

Oxygen Cylinder Trolley

Patient Chart Holder Trolley

Patient Structure Trolley

Patient Transport Trolley

Platform Trolley

POP Trolley

Procedure Trolley

Recover Trolley

Service Trolley

Single Wash Basin Trolley

Soiled Linen Changing Trolley

Steel-Plastic Trolley

Stretcher Trolley

Swab Trolley

Theater Trolley

Transfer Trolley System

Trauma Care Medicine Trolley

Trolley Dressing

Utility Trolley

Ward Trolley

Wash Basin Trolley

Wire Basket Trolley

Ward Products

Bed Pen Holder

Brush Dispenser

Catheter Basket

Dust Bin - Standard

Dust Bin Heavy Duty

Gloves Box Holder

Gloves Dispenser

Kick Bowl

Pass Through Chamber

Patient Chart Holder Plastic

Patient Chart Holder Stainless Steel

Perforated Sheet Basket

Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack on Wheels

Soap Dispenser


Urine Bag Holder

Wall Protector

Ward Screen

Wire Basket

Water Dispenser Products

Drinking Water Dispenser

Duck Mounted Mixer Tap

Elbow Operated Mixer Tap

High Pressure Mixer Rinse

Sensor Mixer Tap