Medical Education

Medical Education

20-Part Torso

3-Piece Mini Heart Set Models

4-Stage Vertebrae Model

4th & 5th Lumbar Model

Advanced Skeleton with Muscles

Anatomical Chart for Human Musculature

Anatomical Chart for Human Skeleton

Anatomical Chart for Spinal Nerves

Anatomical Chart for the Gastrointestinal System

Anatomical Chart for the Lymphatic System

Anatomical Chart for the Nervous System

Anatomical Chart for the Respiratory System

Anatomical Chart for the Vascular System

Anatomical Charts - Complete Set of 9

Arm Muscle (7-Part)

Artery Sections with Blockage

Basic Knee

Brain Model (8-Part)

Brain with Arteries on Base of Head (8-Part)

Budget Full-Size Skeleton

Cardiopulmonary System

Chart Series - Digestive System

Chart Series - Endocrine System

Chart Series - Female Reproductive System

Chart Series - Lymphatic System

Chart Series - Male Reproductive System

Chart Series - Muscular System

Chart Series - Nervous System

Chart Series - Respiratory System

Chart Series - Skeletal System

Chart Series - Vascular System and Viscera

Circulatory System

Classic Skull (3-Part)

Colored Human Skull

Complete Dual-Sex Muscular Figure with Internal Organs (33-Part)

Deluxe 7-Part Lung Model with Larynx

Deluxe Dual Sex Muscular Figure (45-Part)

Deluxe Dual-Sex Muscle Torso with Opened Neck and Back (31-Parts)

Deluxe Dual-Sex Torso with Opened Neck and Back (28-Parts)

Deluxe Occluded Artery Model

Giant Functional Brain

Heart with Coronary Bypass Vessels


Digestive System (3-Part)

Digestive System Model (3-Part)

Disarticulated Human Skeleton

Disarticulated Skeleton

Disarticulated Skeleton Case

Dissectible Muscled Arm (6-Part)

Dissectible Muscled Leg (9-Part)

Dried Swine Lung Section

Dual Lung Rack Update Kit

Dual Lungs Comparison Kit

Dual Sex Urinary System (6-Part)

Eye in Orbit 7-Part

Female Internal Reproductive Organ

Female Pelvic Skeleton

Female Pelvic Skeleton with Organs

Female Pelvis Model (3-Part)

Flexible Vertebrae with Color-Coded Regions

Flexible Vertebral Column with Femur Heads, Muscle Insertions, and Removable Sacral Chest

Fred the Flexible Skeleton With Pelvic Mounted Roller Stand

Full Eye Model

Full-Size Human Skeleton with Muscles and Ligaments

Full-Size Skeleton with Muscles

Functional Knee Joint Model

Functional Shoulder Joint

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

GI Tract

Half Brain Model

Half-Head Model

Hanging Skeleton with Natural Human Casting

Heart Conditions Model

Heart Model (2-Piece)

Heart with Esophagus and Trachea Model

Human Blood Cells Model

Human Fetal Skull

Human Heart Model (2 Part)

Human Muscular Skeleton

Human Ovary

Human Skeleton

Human Skulls (3-Part) - Numbered

Human Skulls (3-Part) - Unnumbered

Human Torso with Detachable Head

Hypertension Model Set

Inflatable Lung Comparison Kit and Teacher Instructional DVD

Inflatable Lung Kit

Inflatable Lungs - Inflatable Swine Lungs

Inflatable Lungs - Simulated Smoker’s Lungs

Inflatable Lungs Comparison Kit

Inflatable Lungs Maintenance Kit

Inflatable Lungs Teacher Instructional CD-ROM

Inflatable Lungs Teacher Instructional DVD

Internal Organs

Jumbo Heart Model (3-Part)

Kidney Model with Pathologies

Advanced Teaching Torso

Basic Teaching Torso

Large Brain Model

Leg Muscle (13-Part)

Life-Size Cervical Model with Muscles and Nerves

Life-Size Stomach Model (2-Part)

Lung Set with Pathologies

Lungs Cross-Section (Labeled)

Male Genital Organs Model (4-Part)

Male Pelvis Model (4-Part)

Male Pelvis with Prostate and BPH

Mini-Muscled Joint Set

Mini-Torso (12-Part)

Muscle Torso - 27 Part

Muscled Hip with Sciatic Nerve Model

Muscled Shoulder Model

Muscular Figure (1/4 Life-Size)

Numbered Classic Skull (3-Part)

Organ/Structures Chart Series - Brain

Organ/Structures Chart Series - Ear

Organ/Structures Chart Series - Eye

Organ/Structures Chart Series - Head and Neck

Organ/Structures Chart Series - Heart

Organs/Structures Chart Set

Physiological Skeleton with Hanging Roller Stand

Portable Chart Stand

Pumping Heart Model

Ready-to-Use Humectant Fluid


Regional Brain (2-Part)

Respiratory Organs Model

Sexless Torso (18 Parts)

Simulated Smoker’s Lungs Demonstration Kit

Skeleton Base

Skeleton Dust Cover

Spinal Column with Nerves

Sponge Lungs Demonstration Kit

Stan the Standard Skeleton With 5-Arm Hanging Roller Stand


Systems Chart Set

The Thin Man: Sequential Human Anatomy Program

Thyroid Model

Twin-Action Giant Bellows Pump

Type 2 Diabetes Set

Unisex Torso (12-Part)

Unisex Torso (14-Parts)

Unisex Torso with Opened Neck and Back (18-Part)

Unisex Torso with Opened Neck and Back (21-Part)

Urinary System Model