General Medical Supplies

General Medical Supplies

Absorbent Mats

Ace Bandages

Adhesive designed for human use

Adhesive remover designed for human use

Airway, oral, nasal

Alcohol, bottle, swab

Ammonia Inhalants

Antibiotic Ointment

Antiseptic wipes for human use (including alcohol, antimicrobial, benzalkonium, betadine, iodine, and witch hazel)



Bags, plastic (for ice, resealable)

Balms, A & D, vaseline,

Bandages, abdominal, non-adherent, plaster, pressure, transparent


Betadine, bottle, swab

Biohazard Bags


Blood Collection

Blood Glucose Lancets

Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood Glucose Strips

Blood Lancets And Lancing Devices

Blood Pressure Cuff, small, medium, large, extra-large (thigh)

Blood Pressure Monitor, manual, automatic

Bottles (prescription)

Bowls, small, medium, large

Bulb syringe

Burn dressings

Canes, crutches, walkers, rollators


Casting Equipment and Casting Supplies

Casting Materials

Catheters, foley, straight, external urinary, suction, angio

Chest tubes

Chux disposable absorbent pads

Cleaners / Disinfectants

Cleaning Brushes

Clinical basins, bowls, baths, pans, urinals, bags, and buckets; and holding devices for such items

Clinical swabs, applicators, specimen collectors, sponges, pads, tongue depressors, wooden spoons, cotton balls, or cotton rolls

Coban rolled cohesive bandage


Cotton Rolls And Cotton Balls

Cotton tipped applicators


CSR Wraps

Delivery Kits

Diapers, infant, adult

Drapes or Sterile Fields

Dressing Change Kits

Dressings, Duoderm, Non-adherant, Transparent, Vaseline

Ear plugs and muffs

Ear syringes

Ear wax removers

Endotracheal tubes

Eye pads

Feeding Syringes

Fistula Needles



Gloves, non-sterile exam

Gloves, sterile sizes 5-8

Goggles, Eye

Gowns, non-sterile

Heme-Occult Kit

Human body or cadaver bags and shrouds

Human body positioners including pads, wedges, cradles, pillows, rests, straps, supports, and holders

Human specimen collectors and containers (e.g., urine, blood, tissue)

Irrigation tray

IV Caps, connectors, converters

IV Catheters, 14g, 16g,18g, 20g, 22g, 24g

IV Extension Sets

IV sets, bags, and armboards

IV Solution sets, macrodrip, microdrip

IV Start kits

IV Stopcocks

IV Transfusion sets

Jars and containers designed for medical supplies and instruments

KY lubricating jelly

Lap sponges, sterile or non-sterile

Lights and lamps: surgical, or medical exam, magnifying

Limb prosthesis devices

Medical bags for medical supplies and equipment; including pre-packed bags

Medical bandages, gauze, dressings, tape, swabs, sponges, and burn dressings

Medical carafes, cups, containers and tumblers

Medical casts, padding; and casting and removal equipment

Medical diagnostic kits, point-of-care; including EAR99 reagents

Medical labels, labellers, stickers, forms, charts, signage, tags, cards, tape, wrist bands, documents, brochures, and graphics

Medical lavage systems

Medical linens (e.g., blankets, sheets, pillow cases, towels, washcloths, drapes, covers)

Medical penlights

Medical scissors

Medical tubing or hoses; including associated adaptors, connectors, caps, clamps, retainers, brackets, valves, washers, vents, stopcocks, or flow sensors; and peristaltic pumps

Medicine cups

Needles, assorted gauges

Non-electronic patient medical record file systems and organizers


Ob/Gyn supplies

Orthopedic splints, slings

Oxygen masks

Packing strips

Paraffin baths

Patient heating and cooling devices: pads, packs, bottles, bags, warmers, blankets, patches, lamps, bags

Patient safety devices including vests, aprons, finger mitts, limb or body holders, jackets, belts, restraints, cuffs, straps, or protectors

Personal hygiene supplies

Plastic Bowls

Plastic Emesis Basins

Powdered infant formula,

Reflex hammers

Safety poles, rails, handles, benches, grab bars, commode aids, and shower aids

Scales, stadiometers, rulers, sticks, tapes, protractors, volumeters, gauges, or calipers designed for human measurement

Scalpels and blades

Sharps containers

Single-use medical procedure trays and kits

Specimen containers




Suction catheters

Surgical booties

Surgical caps

Surgical drains

Surgical gowns

Surgical instruments

Surgical masks

Surgical sutures and staples; and removal kits

Surgical towels, sterile or non-sterile

Suture, non-absorbable and absorbable

Syringe aspirators

Syringes, assorted sizes

Syringes, cannulas, and needles – all sizes and types; including kits

Syringes, Medical

Tape, cloth; paper; plastic

Telemetry pouches designed for human use

Thermometer probe covers

Thermometers for measuring human body temperature

Tongue depressors


Urinary catheters

Urine drainage bags

Warmers: bottle, gel, lotion, or blanket

Washbasins, infant