Safety & Security

Access & Attendance Systems



Card Personalization System

Electronic Time Recorders

Finger Print and Time Attendance

Finger Print Security Systems

ID Card Printers & Embossers

Intelligent Key Management Systems

Doors & Locks


Audio & Video Door Entry System

Automatic Door Openers

AV Door Entry Systems

Door Access Controls

Door Control

Door Locks, Safety Locks

Electric Magnetic Locks

Electronic Locks

Hotel Locks

Safes & Vault Doors

Safety Lock Wires

Safety Lockout Padlocks

Security Cylinders & Master Key Systems

Video Door Phones

Fire Protection Products


Breathing Apparatus Sets

Deluge/Foam System & CO2 System

Escape Breathing Apparatus

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Fire Alarm Cables

Fire Alarm Sensors

Fire Control Instruments

Fire Escape Hoods

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Fighting Equipment Cabinets

Fire Fighting Fittings & Nozzles

Fire Fighting Hoses & Fittings

Fire Fighting Pumps - Non UL Listed

Fire Fighting Pumps - UL Listed

Fire Hydrants & Valves

Fire Proof Materials

Fire Proofing Systems for Wood & Steel

Fire Resistant Blankets

Fire Resistant Cables

Fire Resistant Filing / Record Cabinets

Fire Resistant Safes and Deposit Safes

Fire Retardant Cables

Fire Retardant Coatings

Fire Retardant Tarpaulin

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Sprinkler Alarm Valves

Fire Sprinkler Heads

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Stopping Materials

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire, Smoke & Acoustic Containment Systems

Fire-Alarm Sensors - Addressable

Fire-fighting Equipment & Accessories

Fire-fighting Monitors & Nozzles

Fixed Gas Monitoring System

Foam Chambers

Foam Equipment

Foam Monitors

Gas Detection System/Alarms

Gas Detection Systems

Gas Fire Supression System

Gas Leak Sensors

Gas Masks

Gas Protection Equipment

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression

Personal Gas Detection Monitors

Portable Gas Detectors

Powered Respirator

Pyro-Fire Alarm Cables

Respiratory Protection System

Smoke Curtains

Smoke Detection System

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Mix Items


3D Facial Recognition

AC UPS System and DC UPS System

Air Direction Equipments

Anti Slip Safety Stair Nosing Flat Sheets

Armouring Plates & Helmets

AS Lightning Protection Systems & Earthing

AS System

Baggage X-Ray Simulators

Batteries - CCTV Systems Backup

Batteries - SLA

Batteries - UPS Backup

Biometric Attendance Recording System

Brazing Rods and Flux

Cargo Casting and Safety Equipement

Cargo Lashing

Chemical Suits

Digital Signature Solutions

Diving Safety Equipments

Electrical & Hand Operated Sirens

Electrical Safety Products

Emergency Equipment

Explosionproof and Weatherproof Equipment

Explosionproof Warning Systems

Face Identification Software

Fire Alarm System Batteries

First Aid Kits

Harness Lashing Belts


Hydraulic Rescue Tools

Lanyards & Slings

Leather Sleeves

LED Message Signs

Life Jackets

Life Raft

Life Saving Products


Master Clock System

Metal Detectors

Mineral Insulated Cable

Oil in Water PPM Monitor, ODME, Bilge PPM Monitor

Oil Mist Detectors

Oil Spills Protection

Protector Cases

Queuing System

Rescue Stretchers

Riding Helmets

Safety Belts

Safety Decontamination Units

Safety Fencing

Safety Pads & Thread Protectors

Safety Signs

Safety Tags

Safety Tools, Hot Line Tools

Safety Towers

Security & Low Current Integrators

Security Control Equipment & Systems

Ship Security Alert System

Surge Protectors

Tamper Proof Security Cash Bags
and Pouches

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Voltage Stabilisers

Warning Tape

Water Leak Detection System for Server Room

Wind Socks

Xray Scanners

Personal Fall Protection & Rescue Equipment


Cargo Lashing

Fall Arrest Equipment

Lifting and Material Handling Equipment

Lifting Belts

Lifting Slings

Personal Protection Equipment Lanyards & Slings

Polyester Webbing Slings

Safety Harnesses

Safety Slings

Scaffolders Safety Products

Personnel Protective Equipment


AFR Garments

Aprons - Leather

Aprons - Welding

Body Protection

Clothing - Cold Store

Clothing - Disposable & Protection

Clothing - Fire Resistant

Clothing - Fire Retardent

Clothing - Hi Visibility

Clothing - Luminized Protecting

Clothing - Safety

Clothing - Work

Clothings - Limited Life

Coveralls - Cotton

Coveralls - Fire Resistance

Coveralls - Safety

Coveralls - Winter

Ear Bands

Ear Muffs

Ear Plugs

Emergency Eye Wash & Showers

Eyesaline Eyewash Solutions

Eyewash Rinsing Stations

Fire Fighter Boot

Fire Fighting Helmets

Fire Retardant Work Wear

Fire-fighting Suits

Flame Resistance Apparel & Accessories

Gloves - Disposable

Gloves - Heat & Cut Resistant Chemical Resistant

Gloves - Heavy Duty Rubber

Gloves - High Impact

Gloves - Industrial

Gloves - Leather Safety

Gloves - Memphis

Gloves - Metal Mesh Gloves

Gloves - Nitrile Industrial

Gloves - PVC Dipped

Gloves - Rubber

Gloves - Thermal

Gloves - Tig Welding

Hand Protection

High Glasses

HRO Shoes for Construction Comapnies

Industrial Gas Tight Suits

Jackets - Reflective

Jackets - High Visibility

Jackets - Safety

Jackets - Welding

Jackets - Winter

Masks - Chemical & Reffil

Masks - Dust

Masks - Emergency Escape

Masks - Escape Hood Gas

Masks - Face

Masks - Full & Half Face & Cartridges

Masks - H2S Gas Protection Hood Type

Masks - Helmet Visor

Masks - Paper Dust

Masks - Respiratory

Osha Approved Helmets

Permanent Heat & Flame Retardant Workwear

Portable Eyewash Stations

Prescription Safety Glass

Protective Eyewear & Lensclean

Protective Face Shield

Safety Boots

Safety Chemical Gumboots

Safety Eyewear - Welding

Safety Glasses

Safety Goggles

Safety Gumboots

Safety Helmets & Consumables

Safety Rigger/ Welder Boots

Safety Shoes

Safety Vests

Workwears - Reflective

Workwears - Limited Life

Safety & Emergency Lighting


Batteries All Ranges / 0.8A to 500 Ah

Complete Solution for Hazard Lighting

Emergency Lighting Solution

Exit Light & Emergency Light

Explosion Proof and Fireproof Light FIxtures

Explosion Proof Electrical Fittings

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lighting

Explosion Proof Junction Boxes

Explosion Proof Light Fittings

Explosion Proof Lighting

Explosion Proof Lighting and Fixtures

Explosion Proof Material

Flash Lights

Glow in Dark Light Sticks

Hazard Lightings

Industrial Flashlights

Infra Red Illuminators

Safety Hand Lamp

Safety Lamps & Torches

Safety Torches

Special / Custom Design Transformers Al Types

Security and Surveillance


Access Control Systems

Audio & Visual Alarms

Audio/Video Intercom System

Biometric Access Control Systems

Call Point & Alarms

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

Digital Video Recorders

Gate Automation System

Industrial Public Address Systems

Infrared Intruder Alarm System

IP Based Security Systems

IP Network Cameras

IP Security Cameras

IP Video Surveillance Systems

MATV & CATV Systems

Mobile DVR

Mobile Security Systems

Motion Sensors

Motion Tracker & Reporter


Process Alarm Monitoring

Sliding and Swing Automatic Doors

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Security Seals


Barrier Seals

Bolt Seals

Cash Bags Seals

Container Seals

Metal Seals

Pull Tight Seals

Steel Seals

Tamper Evident Security Bags

Truck Seals

Twist Seals

Traffic Safety Products


Automation & Parking Barriers

Gate Barriers

Perimeter Protection

Perineter Security - Infra Red Barriers

Radar and Speed Detectors

Revolving Warning Beacons

Road Safety Cones

Road Safety Eqpt & Products

Road Safety Lamps

Safety Beacons

Signal Tower Lamp

Speed Gates

Speed Humps

Speed Logs

Warning Lights & Sirens

Welding Protection Products


Automatic Welding Helmet

Welding Blankets

Welding Accessories

Welding Curtains

Welding Safety Equipment